Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Quick Recap

Last week's last of posts will be followed by this week's posts, many of them!  Posts will include a recap of my younger sister's Ironman triathlon in NYC, my new elliptical (including assembly progress pictures), and several terrific online workouts!  I may also work in some other beauty and health tips as well, such as this terrific drying mask I have been using for the past few weeks.

Alas, I am off to the beach on this lovely Sunday morning... the summer will not be here forever, so best to take advantage of it!


  1. Hi there, I just wanted to check whether you are following Carole's chatter - it isn't totally clear from my blog list. If so, I would like to follow you too. Cheers
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  2. I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following would mean alot to me! (I have a blog hop atm)

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