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I am a 34-year old female attorney living in NYC.  I work long hours, am married, and have a stepson, but still make time in my hectic schedule to work out.  Sometimes it happens at 10pm!

I do not work out to lose weight, even though I understand that some of my readers may be doing so.  I have always been more concerned with how I feel.  When I work out, I know I am getting stronger -- my posture is better, I am more flexible, I can lift more weight, I don't get tired.

I do not count calories or diet.  I have a massive sweet tooth and love carbs.  I also never met a milkshake I didn't like.  I just try to balance it out with plenty of lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.  I rarely drink soda, and if I am not drinking water I am probably drinking hot decaf green tea.

I am gluten-free, and not by choice.  It seems to be genetic in my family, and we have adapted very well over the years.

I am also egg-white free, again not by choice.  Finding out about that allergy was difficult, but once I cut egg whites out, multiple health problems went away literally overnight.

You can also read my introductory post here.

Note: I am NOT a doctor or a nutritionist.  If you are starting a workout or any other type of health program, you should consult your doctor.  My workouts are meant to guide you, act as suggestions, offer you tips, and motivate you.  These workouts make sense for ME -- but may not make sense for everyone out there.  Feel free to email me at quittingthegym@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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