Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quitting The Gym - Introduction

My move to quit the gym has been a long time coming.

I have belonged to a gym ever since moving to New York City in 2000 (first, the YMHA in the East Village, then the New York Sports Club, followed by a private gym run by my posh high-rise building, then back to the New York Sports Club).  I currently pay $73 in monthly dues at the New York Sports Club... or $876 a year.  And that is WITH a corporate discount.

I have been a member for 4 years.... or $3,504.  And really double that -- my husband is also a member.

And that is ignoring the money I spent on the gyms prior to the one I belong to right now.  (That being said, the YMHA in the East Village, a/k/a as the 14th Street Y, was a terrific deal, with a spacious workout room and a pool, and I am hesitant to lump it into the "money-suck" category.  The private gym was also a decent deal, at about $500 a year, and membership included use of a pool, sun-deck, spinning room, and yoga classes, nevermind the amazing gym equipment.)

For the past few months I have been decreasing the number of times I go to the gym each month, and testing myself at home to determine if my whole "quitting the gym" manta is sustainable.  Verdict?  Absolutely sustainable.

This blog will following my journey as I quit the gym and start working out at home.  I will discuss my actual workouts, workout philosophy, offer eating tips, and maybe a random life and health/beauty tip thrown in for good measure.


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  1. So glad I found your blog via the blog hop. I refuse to go to the gym because for me it is very discouraging. I see really fit people and it makes me give up. I can't wait to see what tips and advice you have, so I'm following along. Three of my mommy friends and I are on a "Hot mess to hot mama" journey. We blog about it every Monday. I would love it if you checked it out!

    Sarah @ Our Family of Three