Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Workout, July 18th, 2012

The Workout: video and 60 minutes on treadmill (3 incline, 3.1 mph)

I completed the first part of my workout, a Bodyrock free online video (the "I Can Only Imagine Workout") as I watched the rain pour down in sheets.  Had I been dependent on going to the gym, I clearly never would have gone!

This Bodyrock video is only about 12 minutes long (as are most Bodyrock videos) but packs a nice little punch.  I really enjoyed this one move called the toe touch, where, from a flat position on the floor, I lifted my right leg, while meeting it in the air with my hands and doing a crunch, and then switched to the left (and repeat...).  The side to side burpees were challenging but I didn't give up.

I wasn't in the mood for much of anything else, although I tried to find some sort of free ballet-esque workout on line but didn't find anything I liked.  So my default was walking on the treadmill (while watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune!).  It reached 100 degrees here today, and despite running my AC at full blast, it was still deathly hot all throughout my workout.  The heat tends to zap my energy so taking a long walk on a treadmill is a good compromise.  I had initially intended to walk outside, but thought better of it due to the heat.  It was a wise move, because the skies opened up today and my walk outside would have been swiftly ruined!

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  1. Maybe i'll check the video out! I need a good workout- haha :-)
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