Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Workout," Tuesday July 17th, 2012

I am firm believer that you don't need to actually get on a treadmill or some other machine, or put on running shoes and hit the pavement, or pop in a DVD, or take a class... to do a workout.  Life sometimes hands you a workout if you are willing to take it.

Today my workout was walking.  Endless, endless walking.  In a dress.  With a heavy bag.  At a quick pace the entire time, just because I am a NY-er who has no ability to walk slowly.  In the heat.  And humidity.  NYC's humidity and heat right now are disgusting.

I had jury duty, at a courthouse just one express subway stop from my apartment.  Sounds simple, right?  First I had to walk to the subway (7 minutes), in the heat, and carrying my laptop bag.  Then off the subway to the courthouse, so another 5 minutes.  At lunch, we were given a long enough break to justify a return to my apartment to eat, so tack on another 12 minutes of walking and carrying that increasingly heavy laptop  bag in the heat...

And then after lunch, BACK to the courthouse (12 minutes), and finally upon our dismissal at the end of the day, a return back home.

Total "workout?"  48 minutes of quick paced walking, including lugging that laptop bag, all done in approximately 95 degree weather.  I worked up more of a sweat than I do on any cardio machine!

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