Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to Quit the Gym

My husband and I are officially gym quitters!

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We marched into gym services this weekend and asked to speak to a representative in order to cancel our memberships.  We were ready for a fight, a hard sell, some battle back and forth.  We are both lawyers so trust me, we were ready for it.

Surprisingly, we were in and out of the gym in about 5 minutes -- the amount of time it took to find out membership information and print the paperwork.

It feels liberating.  We are no longer slaves to automatic monthly credit card charges of over $140 for the two of us.  What could you do with an extra $140 a month?  You could buy every video that interests you, a set of kettlebells and free weights, even save up for your own spin bike or treadmill.  You can work out on your own time without worrying about finding a babysitter.  If you only have a free 30 minutes, that doesn't leave enough time to get to the gym, do anything productive, and come home -- yet you can squeeze in a HIIT workout, some Pilates core moves, and anything else you desire at home.


  1. hi hun thanks for the follow! you quit the gym? wow your gym membership is quite expensive. My husband and I pay $13 per week for the both of us.

  2. That is pretty affordable, Kerker. I live in NYC, where gym memberships are generally expensive.

  3. Ahahah that is so funny! Everything is so expensive in NYC. I told my grandma I was gonna go work up there and then come back home to Texas and be rich!

  4. I guess you should not consider on quitting the gym. Every reason has a solution, Fitness clubs LA is pursuing everyone to enroll and not to quit gym. It would be for your own benefit.